Human Tissue Bioresources
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Human Tissue Bioresources Tag

The Importance of Human Tissue Bioresources in Advancing Biomedical Research

“… the provision to investigators of high-quality human tissues by biobanks/bioresources has been critical to advancing biomedical research and science as well as improving medical care, especially of patients with cancer. Bioresources have been central to biomarker discovery and precision medicine, including diagnostics and targeted therapies. Investigators need access to bioresources that can provide high-quality and consistent biospecimens linked to reliable clinical and pathological information. Because research directions are constantly evolving, bioresources must adjust to provide biospecimens necessary to generate preliminary data for novel grants, as well as to establish reproducible results for key articles; also, the biomedical research data should lead to improvements in patient care. Thus, biorepositories are a critical component of the research infrastructure.”

Diffalha et al., 2019 The Importance of Human Tissue Bioresources in Advancing Biomedical Research.